EON® is manufactured by Gracious living Innovations (GLI), a North American based custom profile extrusion company recognized as an international leader in thermoplastics profile design, engineering, processing and value-added manufacturing.


GLI has a history of helping our customers discover unique and innovative possibilities in plastic extrusion. We have over 35 years of experience in many markets where original design, custom engineering and value-added processing is key. Our capabilities in custom plastic profile extrusion include the simple and complex, decorative and functional, working with a variety of thermoplastics.


GLI’s expertise in cellular extrusion has led to the development of our revolutionary wood replacement product. This proprietary technology, made from a highly engineered polymer, serves a variety of outdoor product markets where weatherability, colour endurance and chemical resistance eliminate the need for seasonal maintenance.


GLI’s manufacturing facility located in Ontario, Canada is ISO 9001/2008 Certified ensuring the highest standard of quality.


For more information on GLI, visit our website at glinnov.com.

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