Deck TIle Installation


EON® Deck and Balcony tiles can be installed on any solid flat surface. For example surfaces such as concrete patios, balconies, entryways or walkways.


Can be installed in a parquet pattern or straight application. You can choose the pattern that best reflects your style.













Packages of 10 1x1 individual tile will cover approximately 10 square feet of area.


Deck and balcony tiles do not come with any transition piece and only come in 1x1 tiles, which we do not recommend for stair applications. 




Start installation from the outside edge of the space, working your way in towards the building structure.


Tiles do not need to be fastened to the surface below.  After 10 tiles are linked together, they should not move. You can fasten the tiles to the surface below if you choose by moving one of the slats to the side, drilling through the screw hole in the backing of the tile and sliding the slat back into place.


Use a chisel to remove any exposed connectors around the finished edge.

Use the colour matched L-Trim to cover any exposed edges of the tiles, to create a clean, finished look on the perimeter of your space.



Deck Tiles

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