Your small outdoor space deserves your attention. Finish it off with simple, light weight and easy to install EON® Deck and Balcony Tiles. In keeping with the innovation of ultra-low maintenance all season products, EON deck tiles allow for drainage flow through and under the tile, while providing a beautiful patterned surface to enjoy that can be left out all year round.


              No Warping!                No Splitting!           No Cracking!


12"x12" EON Deck and Balcony Tiles











12"x24" EON Deck and Balcony Tiles

                        Cedar                                                               Grey 


EON Deck Tiles are available in 2 different sizes. a 12"x12" tiles, along with a 12"x24" tile. Both are available in 2 colours, Cedar and Grey. These tiles are easy to install, they just snap together! They are the perfect accent flooring to finish any pool, deck, patio or balcony space.


These tiles are light weight and versatile to fit any project. They can be installed on any solid, flat surface including concrete, old decks, compacted soil and grass.


The surface of the tile is made with the exact same high quality resin material that EON Ultra decking and railing are made of. Sold in packages of 10 and backed by a 20 year limited warranty, Deck and Balcony tiles offer a serene outdoor living area that is easy to put together and requires minimal annual maintenance.


Product Highlights:


Made from 100% premium resin


Light weight and easy to install


Connectors on all 4 sides of the tile allow for each tile to be securely attached to one another


Intricate tile backing, created to allow airflow and proper drainage, through and under the tile


Ultra low maintenance


Closed cell formula – does not warp, split, crack or rot


Backed by a 20 year warranty


EON Deck Tile Brochure

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