EON Ultra decking

is approved as a decking surface in Canada and the US

The  COMPLETE decking system


EON® is not simply an outdoor decking surface, it is a cohesive and polished system that offers deck boards, trim and finishing accessories, along with traditional hand and stair railings.


Deck boards and all accessories are available in 3 rich colours.




Everything you need to build your dream deck

Deck Boards

Used as the primary decking surface.

Installed with the Ultra Clips on a standard wood sub-structure.

Available in 12’, 16’ or 20’ lengths.


Used as a stair tread and/or to picture

frame a deck, creating a finished look to

your deck and stairs.

Available in 12’ lengths.


This perfect accent trim piece is used to provide a symmetrical finish around the edges of a deck and conceal deck board contraction.

Available in 12’ lengths

Fascia Cladding

Used to cover the risers for deck stair applications, for installing under the

Bullnose or L-trim and to cover the

stringers or exposed rim joists.

Sold in 12’ lengths and 9” or 12” widths (hangers required for 12” width)

Cladding Hangers

Required when installing 12" fascia cladding. One hanger kit (includes 4 pcs) is required for a single 12’ section.

Ultra Clips

Hidden fastening system, 1 clip installed on each joist creating a uniform ¼” spacing between each board. Sold in packages of 100 pcs with deck screws included, covering from 50 to 66 square feet depending on joist spacing.


Decking Brochure

Performance Brochure

Decking Install Guide English

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