EON Ultra decking

is approved as a decking surface in Canada and the US

EON® Ultra decking is a unique alternative decking surface, allowing you to enjoy an ultra low maintenance outdoor space. Installing this product is similar to installing a regular pressure treated wood deck, however there are some very important differences to be aware of.


Below, you will find some important points for installing EON Ultra decking. Please ensure that you read through the entire installation manual, as there are necessary steps that you must follow to properly install your deck, that are not outlined in the points below.



Ensure the substructure meets local building code and is slightly adjusted to accommodate for the optional bullnose piece or breaker board. For maximum performance and to comply with CCMC requirements, EON suggests joist installation of 12” on centre.


Cutting and Drilling EON

When cutting EON, it is best to use a mitre saw, with a blade that has the least amount of teeth as possible. Cut through the material as quickly as possible. These instructions help reduce friction between the board and the blade, ensuring the material does not melt with the heat and motion.


Expansion and Contraction

As EON is composed of 100% plastic material, the product does expand and contract with changes in temperature. To ensure there is enough space left at the ends of each board to accommodate for this, please see the expansion and contraction chart on page 2 of the installation manual.


To control the expansion and contraction of the deck board, one single screw (toe screw) is driven through a pre drilled hole, at the approximate centre point of the board length, through the lower lip of each deck board. This equally pushes expansion to each end of the deck board.


To minimize visual gaps the use of one deck board installed perpendicular to the rest of the deck boards, called a breaker board, is recommended.


Pre drill all holes when installing the EON material. Slot all holes identified in the install guide, to allow for the movement caused by expansion and contraction.

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