Imagine the freedom from care


EON® technology has over 15 years of proven performance and colour stability in a number of applications as a replacement for wood and composite products.


This innovative and versatile material was one of the first of its kind offering the real look and feel of wood without the maintenance.


Here is the story of our EON Technology:

EON® pioneered and helped create the maintenance-free “plasticwood” industry

in the mid 90’s, originally for the window 

fashion industry to partner with world-wide leaders in the market.

The technology was introduced to the

Hot Tub industry soon after as a replacement

for wood spa cabinetry.  Today, after nearly

two decades in the market, EON® Spa Cladding

is used on most major hot tub brands in North America and remains the market leader

EON® Decking and Railing products were introduced in the early 2000’s as a premium plastic product providing an alternative to wood and traditional composite decking, helping transform the North American backyard.

EON® Deck Tiles were also offered to the market as a low maintenance solution to revitalize condo, balcony and porch surfaces.

A wide range of EON® furniture and outdoor accessories were an addition to the product family in 2007 showcasing the versatility 

and beauty of the material.

New EON® ULTRA decking was introduced to

the market in 2013.  With many of the same features

and benefits of our traditional decking, EON®

ULTRA offers a stronger, more vibrant and richer looking board with deeper embossing that provides enhanced traction and increased resistance to scratches.

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