Our Green Vision


At Gracious Living Innovations (GLI), we are committed to being an environmentally responsible manufacturer, customer, vendor, neighbour and employer. We grow our business and our customers businesses through environmentally sustainable technologies and practices.


GLI’s Green Vision is to design and manage our products and operations using accepted standards and protocols in order to reduce our ecological footprint. We also protect and conserve resources by striving for energy savings through superior design and efficient manufacturing techniques. Finally, GLI challenges our employees and our suppliers to strive towards creating a greener workplace and environment.



EON® Green Facts


Our products never require hazardous painting, staining or sealing.


EON products contain both virgin and reprocessed materials. Repossessed materials are diverted from landfills and all plastic scrap produced in the manufacturing of EON products are recaptured and reprocessed.


EON’s primary material is the same material used in the production of food packaging and lab containers, such as test tubes, which does not constitute any hazard to humans.


EON production facilities produce zero emissions and recycle all water used in the manufacturing process.


EON products can be repossessed or recycled at the end of their useful lives.


EON does not contain PVC, which can be harmful to the environment.

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