Deck TIle Transition Installation


Different installation applications sometimes require a finishing peice to complete your Deck Tile project. The Eon Deck Tile Transition is a simple, neat and safe way to finish off any installed deck tile space.


The Transition connects securely to the Deck Tile backing.

Each piece runs 2’ in length, which will generally finish 2 tiles side by side.


Packages of 4x 2' sections individual tile will cover approximately 8 linear feet of perimter.















Start installation from the outside edge of the space, working your way in towards the building structure. Begin with this transition at the outer exposed ends of the space, then begin installing the tiles after.


The Transition does not need to be fastened to the surface below.  After it is linked to the installed deck tiles they will not move.


You might need to cut the transition to create a mitre corner at a 90 degree angle. To do this, you can easily cut the peice using a a mitre saw, with a coarse carbide blade with the least amount of teeth as possible for that size blade. Cut as quickly as you can through the material for a clean cut.




Install Guide


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